Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September of Soundtracks: The Marx Brothers Get Cultured

In Seattle a few months ago, I came across an LP I had never seen before. It was obviously not a legitimate release but it did intrigue me as it stated that it was the original soundtrack to "A Night At The Opera". I purchased it and sent it home only to hear it a few weeks later when I cam home for a quick week off. To my surprise, it was indeed the soundtrack to the film. The entire soundtrack. Basically, it is the film on record and unlike the story records of the 70s and 80s that featured films on record, this is pretty much the entire film. The only thing that is missing, ironically, are the harp and piano solos by Harpo and Chico. All of the opera songs are here, just not the Marx Brothers' performances. I also had to speed it up as the album features a slower recording of the film. I don't know how that happened but I corrected it for your listening pleasure. Here is that album. Enjoy!

A Night At The Opera OST

Here's a re-post of a Marx Brothers album featuring sound clips from their films that was released in the 70s:

The brothers Marx were by far the greatest comedy team ever! Their mad cap humor extended from the stage and screen right into their real lives! I have so much Marx Brothers stuff that I thought I would post this as a "starter kit" for those who are unknown to the genius of these fine gentlemen! It is actually not one of my personal favorites but it does showcase their comedic talents from their films. It's "The Marx Brothers :Actual Voice Tracks From Their Movies." This came out in the 70s as part of a series of old time film comedians' voice tracks from old movies. There's much more from the Marx Brothers coming soon! Enjoy!

The Marx Brothers: Actual Voice Tracks From Their Movies


Kevin said...

Hey Dartman - I'm new to the blog thing but I love yours and all that you have posted! The Elvis stuff is amazing, look forward to more! I'm writing because I wonder if you are a Roger Miller fan...I have clips of him from the 60's and feel his humor and wit were as quick and on par with the Marx Brothers...especially Groucho. Thoughts??? How do I contact you off from this blog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Marx Brothers. Full agreement that they were the greatest ever. I would have put the Three Stooges at number one but since they changed a few times I'll put them at 1.5 with Mel Brooks in the top five. I would have rated him higher but his last several movies paled in comparison to his first few.

Crispy32 said...

Hey Dartman, Thanks for posting this. There's some great quips and classic routines though the presentation is somewhat spoiled by the 'and now here's something funny' voice over and the 'comedic' musical stings. I got so annoyed with these unwanted embellishments that I spend an hour editing them out, thus leaving me with pure Marx magic.

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