Sunday, September 07, 2008

September of Soundtracks: Close Imitations of The Third Kind

After seeing Close Encounters of The Third Kind at the movies when I was a kid, I, like everyone else in the world, could not get that music out of my head. I wanted the soundtrack so badly that when we went to the department store one day, I begged and pleaded with my dad to get the soundtrack. What I didn't know was that he was getting it for himself. To make me feel better and to keep his spending a little lower, he bought me what he deemed as the "kids version" of the soundtrack. An album called "Music From Close Encounters" by the Electric Moog Orchestra. For the most part, the music is very similar if you ignore the fact that the original music was recorded on an ARP and this album features the Moog. However, it's the two selections on the album that are not from the John Williams penned score but seem to be original pieces by "The Electric Moog Orchestra" that really make this album different. In fact, if they had left these selections off, it would have been a giant bonus. For the rest of my life as owner of this album, I have referred to those two selections as "The Farting Symphonies". You'll understand why when you listen to "Music From Close Encounters" by The Electric Moog Orchestra. Enjoy!

Music From Close Encounters-The Electric Moog Orchestra

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