Friday, September 26, 2008

September of Soundtracks: LOVE BROKERS!

OK, so a lot of people have written me and asked me about the reference I made a few posts back to Henry Winkler feeling up my friend at Toronto's FanExpo. I figured since I was going to tell the story, I might as well post a soundtrack to a Henry Winkler film. The soundtrack is "Night Shift" and it is one of Winkler's better films. It was directed by Ron Howard and featured and an up and coming comedic actor named Michael Keaton, as well a feature part played by Shelly Long. The film falls in my favorites list and in my opinion, Michael Keaton has yet to top his performance in it. The soundtrack is a quirky collection of songs from the 80s including Talk Talk by Talk Talk, Girl's Know How by Al Jarreau, Night Shift by Quarterflash and a beautiful ballad sung by Rod Stewart by the name of "That's What Friends Are For". Most people remember Dione Warwick's horrendous version that was the big hit, but I have always loved this version that went by without too much fanfare. They are all here for your enjoyment! Now, let's all sit down and I'll tell you the tale of how the Fonz grabbed a boob! I was at the Expo with two friends from Avenue Q, Rob and Maggie (who happen to be engaged to each other). We were waiting on line to meet Henry Winkler. As we were doing this, Henry, unlike all of the other celebs, was walking up and down the line saying hello to everyone and thanking them for their patience. A class act! As he passed by us, he looked at Maggie and said "How did you get to be so beautiful?" just like you would expect him to say it. When we got to the front and got to meet him, we told him we were with Avenue Q to which he replied, "I love that show. I really love that show" Then he started to sing "It Sucks To Be Me" and stated that his favorite thing in the show was the person that runs the second hand for the puppets. We told him that was what Maggie did and he hugged her and said "I love that I got to meet the second hand. Let's get a picture!" So, we posed for the picture. It was Me, Henry Winkler, Maggie and Rob all in a line. We thanked him and as we were walking away Maggie whispered to us "Henry Winkler just totally felt me up." We, of course, were hesitant to believe her. "Look at the picture!" she said. Sure enough, there was the proof. We were all smiling with our arms around each other and there, cupping Maggie's left breast, was the same hand that had started the jukebox back on Happy Days! Enjoy the soundtrack!

Night Shift OST


Anonymous said...

THanks So Much for this. have it on vinyl never got around to transfering it, Great soundtrack. Love the site

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! Any chance you have the "Meatballs" soundtrack?

Jbw said...

Would love to see the picture.

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