Thursday, March 22, 2012

Space: The Final Trek Cards

So back in January I posted what I thought was the complete set of Topps Star Trek cards from 1976. Until I received a comment from a follower of the blog stating that there were cards missing. Upon further inspection I realized that there was an entire file of cards that I had not posted. My bad. Anyway, here, at last, are the remaining cards. Rather than put them in separate packs I put them all in one giant file. Enjoy!

Star Trek 1976 Trading Cards Final Pack

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bionic Filmstrips

I'm just finishing up season one of The Bionic Woman and I have to say that I'm pretty surprised at how little the whole Bionics thing is used. Towards the end of the season, it gets a little bit better but for most of season one, Jaimie Summers uses her bionics for doing housework most of the time. Lindsay Wagner had made a conscious effort to make sure that the show never had someone getting hurt unless it was in self defense. It really shows up when she uses her bionics to pull a rug out from under someone holding her at gunpoint rather than throwing him across the room with her bionic arm. However, in the war against messy apartments, all bets are off as Jamie uses her bionics to the extreme by washing dishes, waxing floors and cleaning grime from the windows. Anyway, it made me start searching for Bionic Woman related items and I happened to come across this super cool set of "Give A Show" slides that someone posted on youtube. Upon further research, I found there is also a "Give-A-Show Blog" that features tons of these items. The blog is kept up as much as the youtube page so if you are really into tracking these down, I suggest you start there. For now, here's "The Bionic Woman Give-A-Show" slide sets! Enjoy!

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