Thursday, March 22, 2012

Space: The Final Trek Cards

So back in January I posted what I thought was the complete set of Topps Star Trek cards from 1976. Until I received a comment from a follower of the blog stating that there were cards missing. Upon further inspection I realized that there was an entire file of cards that I had not posted. My bad. Anyway, here, at last, are the remaining cards. Rather than put them in separate packs I put them all in one giant file. Enjoy!

Star Trek 1976 Trading Cards Final Pack

1 comment:

dommromm said...

Hello again! :)

Much Thanks for the last parts of the cards! :D

I went through all the numbers and all the cards are here.

However, I noticed that there are missing stickers still not accounted for. I did not notice this before because the numbering of the stickers were confusing and I noticed the omissions as I went through them one by one again.

The stickers that are missing are: 5, 7, 15, 18.

Any chance that you might still have those stickers?

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