Saturday, September 13, 2008

September of Soundtracks: Enter Detectives Starsky and Hutchinson

Don't go getting your knickers in a twist and think that I am bringing you the soundtrack to the movie version of "Starsky and Hutch". Quite frankly, I could care less about that film. No, today I bring you the soundtrack to the original television series from the 70s. I don't remember where I got this. It must have been a while ago. It was on a data disc with a whole bunch of soundtracks on it and it was simply labeled "S&H". I am not sure if the music is from one specific episode of the series or is a collection of music from the show. There is one song entitled, "A Coffin For Starsky" which was the title of an episode so if this is from one specific episode, it would probably be that one. If there is anyone who knows for sure, let me know. Regardless, it still kicks major booty. Here it is for you now. Enjoy!

Starsky and Hutch Television Soundtrack


My dad loved Starsky and Hutch just as much as I did and even owned two of David Soul's albums, which I am proud to have inherited. Here is David Soul (Hutch) singing his heart out on his first album, "David Soul" and the follow up, "Playing To An Audience of One"! Enjoy!

David Soul LP
Playing To An Audience of One

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ScottN01 said...

Thanks for posting these!!! I've enjoyed a LOT of this blog as being a child being born in 1970, I find all this cool stuff STILL as cool as it was then! Even your Sears Wishbook stuff is stuff that I remember. We must be on the same wavelength!

The Starsky and Hutch soundtrack here is ripped from the TV soundtrack so you'll hear foley sounds of what's going on in certain scenes that the music was used on. They never released an official soundtrack of Lalo's music which is a shame, but this is still great to have.

The David Soul stuff is great too. I remember being 6 years old and thinking he was the best singer in the world, not so much for his talent which he had, but he was HUTCH! And how cool was that!?! Pretty damn cool!

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