Thursday, September 25, 2008

September of Soundtracks: Kaptain Kool is Cool! (re-post)

I thought I would return to the world of television soundtracks with two re-posts from 2006.

Today I am posting an awesome super groovy album from the Kaptain Kool & The Kongs Saturday Morning Show! I've owned this album from the day it came out and absolutely love it! It's another story record that features the actual show on record. This album features comedy bits from Kaptain Kool and the Kongs along with episodes of Wonderbug, Magic Mongo and Bigfoot and Wildboy. This is great for reliving those glorious days of Saturday mornings of yesteryear! Enjoy!

Kaptain Kool And The Kongs Story Record

Here is the Kaptain Kool and The Kongs album that features actual music as oppossed to the story album I posted above. It's you typical 70s bubblegum but it's pretty darn cool! Here it is your your enjoyment!

Kaptain Kool And The Kongs Music Album


Dane said...

is the guy in the back (standing) in the second picture Michael Lembeck?

feint operation said...

It certainly is, he is Kaptain Kool !

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