Friday, February 05, 2010

The February of Frank: Occhi D'Azzura

Along with the "Inside Sinatra" box set,there is also a set of three "unofficial" discs of various concerts given by Sinatra in Italy. It is titled, of course, "Sinatra Live In Italy". As with "Inside Sinatra", I will be posting the three discs of this set over the course of the month as part of "The February of Frank". Today I bring you the first disc in this set. In mid-April 1962 Sinatra embarked on an ambitious two-month World Tour for Children. At the time, he said that his main reason for going was that he was “an overprivileged adult who ought to help underprivileged children.” Sinatra performed with the Bill Miller Sextet and absorbed the entire cost of the tour himself. By the time he returned home in late June, ticket sales to Sinatra’s World Tour concerts had raised more than one million dollars, all of which benefited children’s charities worldwide. Of course, one of the stops on this tour was in Italy and that's where the first disc of "Sinatra Live in Italy" comes from. Here is that great concert for you to enjoy!

Frank Sinatra-Live In Italy Volume 1

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