Friday, February 26, 2010

The February of Frank: Defining Definitive

Amongst the "unofficial" albums in my father's record collection is one entitled "The Definitive Sinatra". It's a collection of unreleased songs that were performed live on radio and in television during the 1950s. The quality is pretty good considering the source material and the record company (known as Chairman Records) went out of their way to let you know that "no echo or stereo effect was added to these recordings". An obvious jab at the Lucky Strike recordings that I shared with you earlier this month which had a stereo effect added. These recordings are great and not only are they performances that weren't released but they are also songs that Sinatra never recorded in a studio setting. Here for you now is "The Definitive Sinatra". One last note: there is one song from the original lp that I have failed to include. I have no idea where it went. It was there when I ripped it. Somewhere along the way, it was deleted from my computer. Since I am currently in LA and not in CT, I have no access to the original LP to rip that song. I promise that when I return next week I will re-rip the song and post it. Sorry.

The Definitive Sinatra

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, You got some great Sinatra stuff here, I downloaded the defintive Sinatra recording for my Dad from the link. I noticed that Trak 4&5 are the same and track 17 is where?

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