Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The February of Frank: How To Swing Australian

Following the post from a few days back of Sinatra's concert with Red Norvo in Australia, 1959, we have another classic concert from the land down under. This time around we get to hear Frank in what many consider to be one of his best concerts, hands down. The date was December 2, 1961 at the Stadium in Sydney. It was the closing night of a three day engagement. From the moment he comes onto the stage until his exit, seventy five minutes and 23 songs later, Ol' Blue Eyes holds the audience in the palm of his hand! For years, a short, edited version of the concert circulated amongst bootleg collectors. Then, somehow, somewhere, the rest of the concert was discovered. Here for you is the complete show exactly as it was performed back in 1961. Here is "December Down Under". Enjoy!

Frank Sinatra-December Down Under (12/2/61)

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