Sunday, February 07, 2010

The February of Frank: A Look Inside Ol' Blue Eyes Part 2

Since I screwed up and put up the wrong link on the first post of the "Inside Sinatra" set (btw, that link is now fixed), here is the second part of that set (which you may have already downloaded due to my error!). This time around we get to listen in on the sessions for the classic 1962 album, "Sinatra And Swingin' Brass". Recorded on April 10 and 11 of 1962, this was the first time Sinatra worked with arranger/composer Neal Hefti. The first night of the sessions Sinatra would record 6 of the 12 tracks from the finished album in just three hours and twenty five minutes! Hear what went down that night and the next when you take a listen to "Inside Brass". Enjoy!

Frank Sinatra-Inside Brass

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