Saturday, February 27, 2010

The February of Frank: A Look Inside Ol' Blue Eyes Part 5

With only two days left in The February of Frank, I have seem to almost run out of time in getting posts up. This month was a little tricky in that I wasn't as prepared as I normally am. It took me a bit longer to get things digitized and I found myself desperately trying to keep up with ever changing calendar. Add to all of that my taking care of my new son and becoming increasingly busy in my gigs at night and you have a strong case for trying to do too many things at once. However, none of you wish to hear my sob stories so I'll just say that as much as you've seen shared here during The February of Frank, it's nothing compared to what I still have left to share with you from my gigantic Sinatra collection. I guess I have to keep it in storage until the next time I can share a Sinatra goody with you. Until then, I am closing out the month with the final two volumes of "Inside Sinatra". Today we have "Inside Strings". "Sinatra and Strings" was originally released in 1962 and is one of the most critically-acclaimed works of Sinatra's entire Reprise period. It was Sinatra's first album with arranger Don Costa. "Sinatra and Strings" gave us some new takes on old songs that Frank had already recorded in the past. It would be his third recording of "Night and Day," his second recording of "Stardust" and his second recording of "All or Nothing At All" (Sinatra recorded the third and final version, the more commonly known swinging rendition, four years later for "Strangers in the Night"). The Reprise era, though not as popular as his Capitol era, is still considered to be a great time for Sinatra recordings and these sessions prove that the man was in full voice and power. Here is "Inside Strings". Check back tomorrow for the last post and the last volume of "Inside Sinatra". Until then, enjoy!

Frank Sinatra-Inside Strings

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