Monday, February 22, 2010

The February of Frank: Franks and Deans

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were extremely close as friends and were both great admirers of each others work. They worked together for many years in films and as part of the Rat Pack. Throughout their careers, they would team up numerous times as a performing duo and sometimes adding other perfromers such as Liza Minelli to turn their act into a trio. They were known for their comic banter as well as for their singing and to see one of these performances would have been a pleasure. Unfortunately I was far too young at the time to have witnessed such a treasure of the entertainment world. But thanks to the fine art of bootleg recordings, I can witness some of this grandeur from afar. Here for you is one of those many nights when these greats shared a stage. It's a complete concert from June 10, 1977 in Chicago, Ill. The place was The Sabre Room and the sound is superb! Here is "A Swingin' Nigh At The Sabre Room". Enjoy!

Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin-A Swingin' Night At THe Sabre Room

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