Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swing, Baby Swing

I just recently started playing with a really cool swing/rockabilly band called The Shiny Lapel Trio. You've probably heard them and never knew it. They've provided the music for two national commercials for Kohl's Department Stores. Anyway, the band is heavily influenced by acts such as Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Elvis, and Brian Setzer. In fact, the guitarist loves Setzer so much that he even plays a Brain Setzer Model Gretsch Guitar. It made me break out some old Setzer as well as some recent stuff. One of the cooler items I have in my collection is a bootleg of a concert The Brian Setzer Orchestra did in 1998. I was thinking that it wasn't that long ago but I now realize that it is over ten years old. My, how time flies! Anyway, this exceptional sounding concert is today's sharity. Here is "The Brian Setzer Orchestra: Boston 98". Enjoy!

The Brian Setzer Orchestra-Boston 98

Here's one of the Kohl's commercials featuring The Shiny Lapel Trio.

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