Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Singles Collection Episode 57: ELO Bows To Rock and Roll

It's hard not to love ELO. The list of hits are astounding and you can actually trace the change in popular music from the seventies to the eighties through their hits. The same band that was doing lush string arrangements with falsetto harmonies in songs like "Telephone Line" would drop the strings and harmonies and lower their voices and give us some good old rock and roll. In fact, their 1983 hit single is entitled, "Rock and Roll Is King." The song went through many changes during recording and at one point was going to be called "Motor Factory" with a completely different set of lyrics. The single proved to be ELO's last UK top twenty hit single, and reached #19 in the U.S. It is and always has been one of my favorites. Here it is for you now. Here is ELO with "Rock and Roll Is King". Enjoy!

ELO-Rock and Roll Is King

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