Monday, January 25, 2010


The story of Pygmalion has been told and retold so many times that it's hard to keep track. The adaptations range from classic comedy (The Three Stooges in Hoi Polloi) to brilliant stage musicals (My Fair Lady). The strangest and, in some people's opinions, the worst adaptation of Pygmalion is the 1984 film, "Rhinestone". This time around, the part of Henry Higgins falls into the able hands of Dolly Parton as a country music superstar. Her "experiment" is the one and only Sylvester Stallone portraying the part of an obnoxious New York City cab driver. The spin is that she can turn Sly into a country music sensation. Why they ever green-lit this project in the first place is beyond me! What's even worse is that Stallone turned down the starring roles in both "Romancing The Stone" and "Beverly Hills Cop" to do "Rhinestone". The one saving grace for this film is the soundtrack. It gave Dolly two more top ten singles and it also gives us not one, not two but four duets with her and Stallone as well as a classic Stallone solo track! Those are worth the price of admission in my book. After listening to this, I guarantee that you will never pass judgement on Sly's brother, Frank, again. In fact, after listening to this soundtrack, you may think that Frank Stallone should get a lifetime achievement Grammy! Here is the soundtrack to "Rhinestone". Enjoy!

Rhinestone OST

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baikinange said...

YES! I accidentally deleted my copy of Drinkenstein a few months ago, and now I have it again! Thank you for this important public service.

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