Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chuck Amok

In 1975, Chuck Berry would release his final album on Chess Records. It was simply named Chuck Berry. The UK version of this album is called Chuck Berry '75 and has an extra pink '75 on the cover. Due to this, the album has become forever known as "Chuck Berry '75". The album contains a selection of Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Country standards including Swanee River, I'm Just a Name, I Just Want to Make Love to You, Hi Heel Sneakers, You Are My Sunshine, My Babe, and Don't You Lie to Me among others. I recently popped this puppy onto the turntable and what I heard amazed me. This album rocks! It is simply awesome. If you love Chuck, or if you just plain like Rock and Roll, you need this album. Here is "Chuck Berry '75". Enjoy!

Chuck Berry '75

Here's a clip from Chuck in 1972. Just a couple of years prior to the album above:

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