Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Scream

I just finished watching the classic Brian Depalma flick, "Blow Out". I hadn't seen it in years and I was so psyched to see that it still holds up after all this time. If you've never seen it, it's a definite must for you to put it on your list at Net-Flix or wherever you get your films. I've always been amazed that when people talk about John Travolta's career, they never mention this film. I consider it to be one of his best. What adds to it is the fact that Travolta suffered from insomnia during the shoot. His lack of sleep helped him create a very moody performance and is why his character seems so downtrodden throughout the movie. His work in this film is what made Quentin Tarentino cast him in Pulp Fiction, the film that revived Travolta's popularity. The score by Pino Donaggio is absolutely amazing. In fact, it calls to mind the work of Joseph Harnell from "The Incredible Hulk". Here is that amazing soundtrack for you. Here is "Blow Out". Enjoy!

Pino Donaggio- Blow Out OST


Anonymous said...

great flick! i am actually in or two of the scenes as an extra! they were filming in Philadelphia for this when i was attending art school there in 1980-81, and we muscled our way into the stable of of my fave all time movies, and I agree, one of Travolta's unheralded ones.....great soundtrack! jim

timelord said...

"Yeah, it was a good scream. A good scream."

Travolta in his prime, a hot Nancy Allen and a De Palma flick, what more could you want?

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