Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween-A-Thon 2011: That's Fronkensteen!

Mel Brooks has created some of the greatest comedies of all time but "Young Frankenstein" stands out as a work of art above all others (at least in my humble opinion). Gene Wilder wrote it but Mel gave it the direction it needed and together they created a masterpiece of cinema. The genius of Brooks is shown through the use of not only the same scenery as the original Frankenstein but the same camera angles as well. The film is quoted more and more through the years and I don't know anyone who has ever said "I don't like Young Frankenstein". As with other Brooks films, a soundtrack album was released that contained not just the great music from the film, but also contained dialogue from some of the best scenes as well. Here is that soundtrack album for you to listen to and add a pinch of humor to your Halloween festivities! Enjoy!

Young Frankenstein OST


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful soundtrack to a really great movie!

Eric said...

Indeed! Great soundtrack!

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