Saturday, October 08, 2011

Halloween-A-Thon 2011: The Voices of Horror (re-up)

As a kid, I was drawn to story albums and spoken word recordings. As you can tell by a lot of my posts, I still am. One of the ones that always caught my eye as a kid was a 1963 Wonderland Records release entitled, "Famous Monsters Speak". I would see it at the store and in ads in my comic books but alas, never obtained it in my youth. It would take me until the 21st Century (2003 to be exact) to obtain a copy for myself. It was well worth the wait! Voiced by former Dead End Kid, Gabriel Dell, the album consists of two tracks. The first (side 1) deals with the invention of a recording device that allows us to hear the thoughts of Frankenstein's Monster and the second (side 2) tells the tale of a reporter who has been entrapped in Dracula's Castle. The stories are real works of art in that they maintain an integrity not often found in children's records. They hold up well to this day and actually give great side stories to the original film versions of both characters. The Frankenstein story is very interesting in that it deals with the Monster's feelings towards his creator and his life, a side of the story that was included in the original Mary Shelley novel, but not portrayed in the Universal film version. I can't say enough great things about this album so I'll just say, here it is for your fright filled October enjoyment! Here's "Famous Monsters Speak". Enjoy!

Famous Monsters Speak

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