Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween-A-Thon 2011: A Monster of a Good Time!

It's not exactly the perfect Halloween weekend here in CT since we were hit with a freak snow storm yesterday. However, that doesn't mean the fun can't continue here at the World of Wonder. Today we have a triple dose of fun for you all. Monsters in print, monsters in song and monsters in breakfast cereal! First up is a great issue of the classic magazine, "Famous Monsters of Flmland". I have a few issues of this great magazine but the reason I chose this one to share is the super cool cover! Next up is a Dickie Goodman album entitled, "The Monster Album in Stereo". Goodman was most famous for a series of "break-in" records he created from 1956 to 1986. His two biggest hits were "The Flying Saucer" and "Mr. Jaws". In between, in 1964, he managed to deviate from his formula and put together this collection of ditties. And finally, fans of the 1970s cereal monsters can rejoice in the sounds of their favorites, Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry as they listen to their adventures. These are from two cardboard records that came on the backs of the cereal back in the 70s. Enjoy!

Famous Monsters of Filmland Issue #3

Dickie Goodman - The Monster Album in Stereo

Cereal Monsters Cardboard Records


Dex1138 said...

I feel your pain here in MA. Sun's out this morning so hopefully the snow will melt some so I can get in an extra night of haunting tonight!

Todd said...

Thanks for the "Famous monsters" magazine. I never realized how much of a fan-zine it was in the very early issues. I missed the Narratives of classic movies that I enjoyed as a kid in the pre-home video era.
Please share anymore you have "buried" away!

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