Thursday, June 30, 2011

Podcast 18!!!!

Here is the latest podcast. It's entitled, "The Wolfman Jack Special". This is due to the fact that I have had the musical moments of the podcast finished and in the computer for about two or three months. I just haven't found the time to put together my little "DJ" parts into the mix. I solved the problem by not having those moments at all. Instead, I threw in some clips of the late, great Wolfman Jack to give it that great radio feel. You can hear the Wolfman in between some great songs by David Brookings, Freddy & The Dreamers, Mojo Nixon, Elvis, The Maggies, Hank III, Mrs. Miller, Chuck Berry, , Naked City, Billy Squier, Micky Dolenz and so much more. There's a special "LIVE IN CONCERT" section as well. I hope you enjoy it!

Dartman's Wacky Podcast #18

PS - Special thanks to Tom who supplied me with all of my past podcasts that were taken down from Rapidshare. I'll be reposting those soon for those of you who haven't heard them. Thanks!

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Corganoid said...

Great it! Nice selection of songs too.

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