Thursday, June 02, 2011

Red, Dinah & Blues

I remember watching Dinah Shore when I was really young and it never occurred to me that she was a famous singer at one point. Even now, at age 40, I still have a hard time imagining that the same Dinah Shore I used to watch on television is the same Dinah Shore that I love to listen to on my record player. One of my favorite Dinah Shore albums has her teaming up with another of my favorites, Red Norvo. Red was an amazing mallet percussionist and to hear him play anything is amazing. (I have a great recording of him and Frank Sinatra that I posted last February that is out of this world) When he teams up with Dinah, it's a masterpiece. Here's Red Norvo and Dinah Shore singing the Blues! Enjoy!

Dinah Sings Some Blues With Red Norvo

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