Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ELVIS MONTH 2010: Viva Elvis Presley (extended)

In light of the past few days without posting for various reasons, I thought I would make a mega post to spotlight one of my favorite Elvis films, "Viva Las Vegas". Back in 1964 when the film was originally released, the only soundtrack released was a 4 song EP. The complete soundtrack was never officially released until the wave of "Double Feature" albums that EPE put out in the 90s. However, in the interim, a record company named Lucky Records put out a soundtrack album featuring all of the songs in the film. Since the company was obviously an independent bootleg company, the songs were all recorded directly from the film. The result is a soundtrack album that features alternate versions from the official release and they also threw in some radio spots and a few out-takes as well. This was a staple of Elvis listening in my house for years and the cover art alone is worth the price of admission (it makes the official release look lame!!!!).I originally posted this album about three years ago and then re-posted it for the last Elvis Month two years ago. Once I again I bring it to you for your enjoyment.

Viva Las Vegas OST (boot)

If that's not enough, here is another bootleg release from the film entitled, "Viva Las Vegas: Outtakes and More". This album features some of the same stuff as the bootleg soundtrack but this time there are alternate versions and takes that were not featured in the original film. Most of these would make an official appearance on the FTD release but not all of them. Here is that release.

Viva Las Vegas Outtakes & More

And finally, we have both volumes of the Master and Session version of the soundtrack. This features the recording sessions of the soundtrack and shows the building of the tunes including a few tracks that were cut from the film. Enjoy!

Viva Las Vegas Master and Session Volume 1
Viva Las Vegas Master and Session Volume 2

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I can't see a way on your page to contact you directly via email, so please forgive me for posting a link in your comments.

As a fellow Monkees fan, I thought you'd be interested in this AARP video on Peter Tork!



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