Saturday, August 14, 2010

ELVIS MONTH 2010: The King Gets Humble

Here are two interviews Elvis gave in preparation for the legendary "Aloha Via Satellite" concert. These are really cool interviews that show an extremely humble side of the King. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Humble my butt.
He's trashed on something. Not that I expected anything less, it was the 70's. and it's Elvis. How about a compromise? Humble, all but for the foggy haze of that which is his brain.

Dartman said...

I don't agree. Even though he was addicted to prescription meds, I don't think he was hopped up on anything here. I think that this was done during the early afternoon when Elvis was not used to be up and about and he was probably tired and off guard. Plus the fact that he was generally shy and he really didn't comprehend the whole satellite link up stuff. That was incredible technology back then and it was fairly new. He was being honest. Elvis had his freak moments but don't buy into the hype that he was constantly drugged up. Today's rappers and rockers are on way more stuff and more often.

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