Monday, August 16, 2010

ELVIS MONTH 2010: The King Comes Home

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Elvis' untimely death. Some say his death was his final homecoming. Others prefer to remember July 5, 1976 as his final homecoming. That was the date of the last concert Elvis would give in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Twenty-two years earlier, Elvis had recorded "That's All Right" in that same city on the same date at the legendary Sun Studio. His performance that night was a highlight of the King's final years. Not only sticking to the usual set that he would almost strictly adhere to every night, but that night Elvis pulled out all of the stops and put on an extended show featuring songs that were normally missing from the set. All in all, it was quite the concert. Here is that amazing concert. Here is "The Final Homecoming". Enjoy!

Elvis Presley-The Final Homecoming
Elvis Presley-The Final Homecoming Part 2

1 comment:

Asli Jat said...

Many Thanks for sharing this piece of history, I wasn't aware it was exactly 22 years after 'That's All Right Mama' was recorded.

Makes it that more poignant I think ...

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