Sunday, August 01, 2010

ELVIS Month 2010: Elvis For President!

It's our second ELVIS month! An entire month of Elvis to celebrate the King of Rock and Roll. We start off with an amazing concert recording from March of 1976. Charlotte, North Carolina set the stage for an unusual concert from the King. For starters, Elvis' band was made up of the usuals like James Burton, Charlie Hodge, Kathy Westmoreland and John Wilerson but they are augmented by subs on the piano and drum chair. The great Larry Londin fills in for Ronnie Tutt and holds his own. The change is definitely noticeable but Elvis seems to really dig what is happening. He is in a great mood and jokes around more than usual. The band introductions are probably the most extensive I have ever heard in an Elvis concert but very listenable and enjoyable. Head back to 1976 with Elvis and "Running For President". Enjoy!

Elvis:Running For President

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Thanks for the King!

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