Tuesday, August 03, 2010

ELVIS Month 2010: Elvis Gets Blue (re-post)

Moving forward with ELVIS Week 2010, I decided to repost an item I posted for Elvis' birthday a couple of years ago. (I had planned on having all new items but the request to remove the comic books kind of screwed me up and I really don't have enough time to replace those entries so I have to resort to a few re-posts. Sorry) Today's item comes from 1985. In that great year, RCA released an album of 12 blues tracks recorded by the King. In addition to them being some of the great blues recordings by Elvis, they were also blue in other ways. Up until that point in time, to hear Elvis sing the original version of "One Night", you would have to find a bootleg of his doing it as it was never officially released. For some odd reason, RCA thought that 1985 would be a good year to let people hear the King sing about sex and hear him swear and goof around on other tracks as well. The result is this album. Here is Elvis hamming it up and having fun. Just for the record, as goofy as he gets on these tracks, we all know that what RCA "officially" released is nothing compared to some of the things Elvis sings and says on other out-takes that have appeared on numerous boots over the years. Here's Reconsider Baby, direct from the blue vinyl it was pressed on. Enjoy!

Elvis Presley-Reconsider Baby

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Anonymous said...

I Call Elvis King Of The Blues In My Words, It's Is Not Stretching It, 80% Of What He Sang Was Blues,

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