Monday, April 26, 2010

With Our Backs To The Wall

I just saw an interview with the great, Roger Waters the other day where he was talking about bringing a production of "The Wall" on tour within the next year or so. I have always wished that I could have been there back in 1980 when the infamous Pink Floyd's The Wall tour had been in motion. At the time, I was too young to even know who Pink Floyd were, let alone go to a concert by them (a 9 year old had more important things on his mind). I do remember when the album came out because I remember it being prominently displayed in the local Caldor (for those of you who don't know what that is, it was an amazing department store that was the precursor to today's Wal Mart). As I grew into a young teen, I went through my obligatory Pink Floyd phase and listened to and watched The Wall so much that I can still quote the most obscure scenes in the film. During my "Floyd phase" I became the proud owner of a bootleg of one of the concerts on The Wall tour and was thrilled at the notion that I held in my hand a piece of history (not to mention some songs that were not on the original album but were in the film). I'm incredibly psyched to see that Waters is bringing that show out on the road again and I hope that I can be in a position to see it when it comes to the East coast in October. Until then, I'll just keep listening to that bootleg that I got all those years ago. And you can too. Here is "Pink Floyd's The Wall: Live At Nassau Colisem, New York, NY 1980." Enjoy!

Pink Floyd-The Wall, Nassau Coliseum, New York, NY 1980

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