Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Best of The World Of Wonder: Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Meinhardt Raabe, the little person who played the coroner of Munchkinland passed away Friday morning at the youthful age of 94. In his honor, I thought I would repost the original release of the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.

I was thinking that of with all of the Wizard of Oz CD releases out there, they have still never released the soundtrack the way it was originally put out. It's great that there are boxed sets of all of the music and it's great that there are single discs that also showcase more of the music than most people remember but what's missing is the dialogue in between the songs. The original release had that. I loved it. When I received my copy one Christmas, I was ecstatic and was even more thrilled to listen to it over and over again. Remember, this was when they only showed the film once a year on TV and it was long before anyone thought they would ever own it to play whenever they felt like it. This was the only way to enjoy the film at your leisure. Anyway, I have been meaning to post the original version of the soundtrack ever since I started the World of Wonder but have never had a chance to do so. Until today! Here is what I like to call my "Super Mega Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Post!" I present for you the original LP release of the soundtrack as well as a re-post of the Lux Radio Theatre production of "The Wizard of Oz" from Christmas Day, 1950. By then, Judy was 28 and was the only original cast member of the MGM film to be in this Lux program. Rounding out the cast were: Herb Vigran (Tin Man), Hans Conreid (Scarecrow), Ed Max (Lion), Herb Butterfield (Wizard), Betty Lou Gerson (Good Witch), Noreen Gammill (Wicked Witch) William Johnson (Uncle Henry), Ruth Perrott (Auntie Em), Gil Stratton (Mayor) and David Light was the voice of Toto. Now, just when you are saying, Dartman, thanks for this great post, there's more! I am also re-posting the 70s disco version of the Wizard of Oz by Meco! (I told you it was a super post!!!) So, here is the original soundtrack as it was originally released, the Lux Radio version from 1950 and the disco version by MECO! But wait!!!!! If you act now, you also get a repost of "Snagglepuss and The Wizard of Oz" children's record! All right here at Dartman's World of Wonder! Enjoy!

The Wizard of Oz OST

Lux Radio Theater presents The Wizard of Oz

MECO-The Wizard of Oz

Snagglepuss and The Wizard of Oz


Buzz Stephens said...

Some of the files currently posted over at Yahoo's The Judy Garland Experience are:
Judy's complete Orchestra Hall closing night performance from September 1958, Judy's appearance at London's Russell Hotel on November 29, 1964, an episode of the Bing Crosby show from February 7, 1951 that features Judy, Carol Burnett singing selections from the Judy Garland Songbook, Billie Holiday's last concert appearance in California (Oct, 1958), JOan Crawford in the lurid 1950's radio drama When The Police Arrive, The final chapters of our audio documentary The Rainbow That Got Away, and an installment of Interpretations featuring Judy, Barbra Streisand, Ann Richards, and Chris Connor.
To hear all of this and more, please visit The Judy Garland Experience on Yahoo:

Don't delay, these files won't be up for long, new ones will be posted early Sunday morning.

Scott Brogan said...


For some reason, all the zip files I download won't open. I've tried all zip programs, and they just won't open. Usually I don't have a problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks! I'd love to listen to the original LP of Oz!

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