Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dialing 606-0842

I am a huge fan of the B-52's. Loved them when I was a kid, loved them in college and love them now. I've seen them in concert several times and it's always a blast! They are truly the greatest party band ever. I remember in college, the campus radio station promoted them coming to perform on campus. My friend Milo proclaimed, "You really have a great band here. Excellent work!" I couldn't have agreed with him more. Back then, the band had whittled down to just three of the five original members. That show featured Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson and Keith Strickland. Cindy Wilson had taken some time off to raise her family so Julee Cruise was filling in for her. I was a little disappointed as Cindy was my favorite member of the band but it still was an amazing show. In later years, when Cindy rejoined the group, I have been fortunate enough to have seen them a number of times. I still wish I could have seen them back in the day when Ricky Wilson was still alive but unfortunately I was too young to have partaken in that scene. That hasn't stopped me from seeking out boots from those glorious days of the birth of new wave. Today I share with you one of those boots. Here is The B-52's cranking out the party in Chicago from 1979. Considering the age of this show, it sounds amazing! I hope you think so as well. Enjoy!

The B-52's-Chicago 1979


Sean said...

Just got tickets to see them in Columbus next month. They are doing some shows with Blondie too. What more could you ask for???

Crispy32 said...

Such an excellent band and very much a part of my youth. Been looking for a decent live recording from the late 70's and this one ticks all the boxes. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Tried it in the 1-844 area code, and 6060-842 appears to be a valid number now. Under the pre-1995 rules, a 0 or 1 in the second digit indicated an area code so the number had to be fictional (he tried it, it didn't work, so he used it in the song as a non-working number); looks like that is no longer true.

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