Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Month of Monkees: Papa Nez's Super Secret All Purpose Songs

After posting two live albums from the 80s Monkees (Peter, Micky & Davy), I felt that it would only be fair to post something from the other Monkee; Michael Nesmith. Nesmith has become the "legitimate" Monkee over the years and has gained a fair amount of respect for his decisions in both the entertainment and business world. Anything Nesmith does becomes an instant collector's item whether it be a new album or a book. Back in the 90s, he went out on his first solo tour in a while to support his album, "Tropical Campfires" and released a live video which has since been released on DVD (Live At The Brit Festival). But back in the 70s, Nesmith was touring to support his work with The First National Band. It was on these tours that he played London. Once in 1974 and then again a year later. The 1975 show was broadcast on the BBC-Radio 1 in England. What sticks out about that gig is the amount of material he performed from his album, "The Prison". What sticks out about that gig here at the World of Wonder is that gig! Today I present not only that show, but the fore-mentioned 1974 London show as well. The '74 show is an audience recording but is extremely listenable. Here are both of those shows for you in audio form. Enjoy!

Michael Nesmith-London, April 28, 1974

Michael Nesmith - BBC-Radio 1, November 27, 1975

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Mike Bass said...

Thanks! Love the Nez

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