Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Month of Monkees: More Monkee Business

More items I have found floating about the inter-web (click on each pic to get the larger version).

First is a card for a bubblegum machine that featured paper action figures of the boys that you could mix and match. Has anyone ever seen one of these?

Next are two of the infamous Ben Cooper Halloween costumes. These are Micky and Davy.

Here are the four mini dolls that were made in the 60s. Each Monkee was represented. Each package also claims to have a "Groovy 331/3 Record" that tells all about each Monkee. Does anyone have these?

Here is a postcard that was sent to fan club members welcoming them to the club. I actually have this one!

Here is a mail-in offer to get what I am presuming to be a copy of "The Monkees Present" that came inside various boxes of Kellog's cereal. This ws in conjunction with the cardboard records that were put on the back of the boxes that featured various Monkees songs. One of them is below the ad.

Stay tuned for more Monkees' items right here on the World of Wonder!


Anonymous said...

The Cereal Lp Offer was for "The Monkees' Golden Hits",especially made for Post/GF (Now Kraft Foods) by RCA Special Products in 1972,the last Lp ever Made by COLGEMS. Michael Boyce

Al Bigley said...

I have all four Monkees SHOW BIZ BABIES recordings! Write me at!


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