Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Month of Monkees: Much More Monkee Business!

More great items from around the world wide web! (click on the images to get the full size pic)

This was the board game put out to coincide with the television show. I have never played it. Judging by most board games based on television shows, it probably wasn't that much fun.

This one cracks me up! Davy Jones as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek! Hilarious!

Here's one of the many model kits for the Monkee Mobile. I have the most recent release of this that was put out about 6 years ago. I attempted to build it. Attempt is about as far as I got. It looks somewhat like the actual car but I don't think I'll be taking on any more model cars in the future. The cool thing about the one pictured here is that it comes complete with figures of the Monkees to put in the seats. Mine didn't have that. Even it they were included, mine still wouldn't have that.

This is an ad for a performance by a group of kids taking music lessons at a "School of Rock" type place. Apparently the concert featured music by The Monkees. That must have been pretty cool to hear. I'm sure it sounded great! These "schools of rock" are becoming more and more common. I think it's a great way to teach kids 1) how to play an instrument and 2) the history of rock and popular music.

This is a poker chip that was used as a promotion to tie in with the Monkees week long engagement at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 2001. This is the same week long stay where the guys recorded "2001 Live in Las Vegas", the album sold on the summer leg of that same tour that we featured on yesterday's post.

And finally, the infamous four headed puppet from the 60s!

I actually owned this puppet, in its original box, no less, for many years before I decided to unload it on e-bay. How I came to own it is quite the story. I was in high school at the time and it was no secret that I was a huge Monkees fan. It was during the big resurgence of the band in the mid-80s and I don't think a day went by where I wasn't wearing a shirt that had some kind of Monkees reference on it. I even wrote a term paper on the band! Anyway, a girl that I knew and at one time dated had told me that her brother had the puppet and that it was currently being stored in her attic. Now, here is where it gets weird. Her brother had committed suicide some time back and the puppet in question was being stored in the attic with the rest of his possessions that his family kept in his memory. I, being the self indulgent jerk that I was, really wanted that puppet and tried every angle to get it, with no luck coming my way. Until . . . the girl asked me to her prom. I told her that I would go with her if, and only if, I could have the puppet. Obviously, I went to the prom and the puppet became mine. Looking back on it now, I realize that I was a gigantic ass for doing this but it still makes for a great story! Please do not think less of me . . . if it makes you feel better, the voice box didn't work.


yahwehfrk said...

I also bought the model kit that came out a few years ago. However I have a friend who is very skilled in the art of model making and I paid him to put together for me. Needless to say he did a most excellent job.

Karl LaFong said...

Great story! How cruel we nerdy collectors can be!

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