Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Month of Monkees: A Deck of Monkees Part 5

Today we have the last of the Monkees trading cards from the RHINO/Carleton set that was released in the 90s. We have the final two "packs" of 9 cards bringing the grand total to 90 cards in the set. Also, feel free to download the cover to the super cool flip book at the left. Enjoy!

The Monkees Trading Cards 73-81

The Monkees Trading Cards 82-90


Anonymous said...

for Monkees cards 73-81 "webpage cannot be found" - ? - thanks for the month of Monkees.

Anonymous said...

The first link for the cards doesn't work. Can you fix it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Much thanks for these Monkees Trading Cards, but I thought you should know that the link doesn't work. It says that it doesn't exist (404 Not Found).

Any chance of fixing this link?

Much Thanks!

Dartman said...

Oops! Sorry about that. All that was missing was a slash.

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