Thursday, August 06, 2009

More From The Original "Girl Next Door"

Back in January, I posted Barbi Benton's debut album, "Barbi Doll". It was well received but in the past week, it somehow managed to become the second most popular download in the World of Wonder with a whopping 19,000 downloads! It was a complete surprise to me and I made sure to quadruple check both the figures and my eye sight! Alas, it has become extremely popular. As a result, we here at The World of Wonder, since we are committed to giving the people what they want, have decided to post her second album. If you remember the post in January, I had stated that she had a top five hit on the country charts in 1975 with "Brass Buckles". Well, this is the album that features that hit song. It's interesting to note that her first album was called "Barbi Doll" and this one is self titled. Most people would have done it the other way. Once again, this album is on the Playboy label and upon listening to it, you too may ask if the album would ever have gotten made if it weren't for Barbi's "extracurricular activities" at the Playboy Mansion. Though I do find it more listenable than her first. Decide for yourself when you listen to "Barbi Benton". Enjoy!

Barbi Benton

BONUS: For those of you who missed the first album, here it is:
Barbi Benton - Barbi Doll

BONUS BONUS: Here is the original poster that was included in her first album:

PS - Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have been busy getting ready for a really special feature coming up in the World of Wonder. Stay tuned as this is going to be a big deal. It will all start next week. Stay tuned!!!!!


joe said...

I did an image search for Barbi Benton for a post several months ago. Let's just say I couldn't use 80% of them for my family-oriented site, if you know what I mean ...

yahwehfrk said...

I have the 2 albums that you have posted already along with her album called Something New (1976). I am looking for her 2 other albums "Ain't That Just The Way (1978)" and "Kinetic Voyage (1988)".

zencd said...

Hello! Could you reupload Barbi's album of 1975? I'm missing it.

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