Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Month of Monkees: Peter Doles Out The Advice

Peter Tork has had an incredible journey since he left the Monkees. He went through a battle with alcohol and drugs that he was victorious in. Following that, he rejoined his fellow Monkees for their various reunions and then started a solo career in the mid 90s. From the end of the 90s to the present day, he has led his own blues band, Shoe Suede Blues and has moved back to his native state, CT (my native state as well). Though he is happy to be back in CT, the reason for him being here was not a happy occassion. His father passed away and he moved back to take care of his mother. It was soon after that, that he was unceremoniously kicked out of the Monkees due to a contractual fight that he had with certain concert dates that he did not want to attend. He is currently battling a rare form of mouth cancer but he is confident that he will beat it and continues to perform and evens hosts a "forum" on his facebook page where he answers questions from friends and fans. He also writes an advice column for a newspaper and internet blog. But back in 1995, he was doling out sexual advice along with Riki Rachtman (yes, the guy from Headbanger's Ball) and Dr. Drew on the syndicated radio show, Loveline. He was a special guest on the show because it was part of his publicity tour for the release of his solo album "Stranger Things Have Happened". Along with the great advice he dishes out to teenagers and twenty somethings, he also plays a couple of tracks from the album and talks a bit about his career both with and without the Monkees. There are times where he tries to avoid being listed as "from the Monkees" but for the most part, this is an interesting show. Here is the complete broadcast from February 12, 1995.One day before his 53rd birthday! Enjoy!

Peter Tork on Loveline 2/12/95

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