Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Month of Monkees: A Deck of Monkees

Trading cards were huge when I was a kid. I spent many an allowance on Star Wars cards and Battlestar Galactica cards, Gong Show cards, the list goes on and on. As time has past, I still have a large collection of trading cards. Most of them are from the 70s and 80s but around 9 years ago I started to get back into the collecting ring and managed to collect several sets from the 90s. One of these sets was a set put out by RHINO Records to coincide with their release of The Monkees' albums. They were printed by a company called Cornerstone and featured great pictures as well as some really cool facts on the backs. Over the course of the month, I will be delivering these cards to you in "packs" of 9 cards, posting 2 "packs" at a time. Each "pack" contains both the fronts and backs of the cards so that , if you feel inclined to do so, you can print them out and have a tangible trading card. Another cool idea that I thought of was to print them onto sticker paper and then you'll have your own unique Monkees stickers. Or you can just store them on your hard drive. The options are virtually limitless! (no pun intended). Here are the first two "packs". Enjoy!

The Monkees Trading Cards 1-9

The Monkees Trading Cards 10-18


Rick said...

I think I still have those trading cards. Just can't remember where I put them.

Anonymous said...

Ever seen a quality copy of The Monkees at the Billboard Club in 1996? Really wish that Rhino would get off their butts and release the glut of live shows that should be available. Great Blog-Cool Stuff. Thank You!

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