Friday, August 14, 2009

A Month of Monkees: A Tail of 4 Monkees plus Boyce and Hart

Back in the 80s, my cousin and I were in collector's heaven. Being die hard Monkees fans, we hit the jackpot due to the giant comeback of the band in 1986. Suddenly, items that were once impossible to find began to pop up everywhere. This was still before the internet and e-bay and all of that jazz so we actually had to go to stores and record conventions to find these items. Between the two of us, we had everything that you could think of and then some. While we both had many items, there were still some that I had that she didn't and some she had that I didn't. One if these items was a picture disc titled "Tails of The Monkees". It was touted as an "unreleased live recording". Basically, it was a bootleg. The catch was that the live tracks were not "The Monkees" but "Dolenz Jones Boyce and Hart". These were low quality dubs from the live album that was released in Japan in the 70s. The coolest part of the album is the interviews with Mike and Davy from Armed Forces radio. To hear Mike Nesmith talk about The Monkees is hard to come by and this album has him telling all. I still do not own this album and just recently borrowed it from my cousin so that I could digitize it and then share it with you as part of A Month of Monkees. Here it is for you now. Special thanks to my cousin, Erika, for helping me out with this one. Enjoy!

Tails of The Monkees


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!! This is one of the few I never got.

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded....Thanks again but noticed you didn't have the covers I thought you might find this site handy if you don't know it already. ENJOY

Alexander Dyle said...

The Money's In, We're Made Of Tin? Pah! That reminds me - I must have another listen to 'Just A Game' by George Micahel Dolenz on that Instant Replay 12" LP which I keep somewhere up in the loft. A thoughtful little track in my opinion.

Alexander Dyle

Anonymous said...

Any idea of the year/s in which the interviews were recorded on the Tails of the Monkees album? Thanks.

Dartman said...

Some of the interviews are from a radio show in the 70s called "Rock Around The World". The Monkees episode was from an episode that aired on 10/15/78. Some of the others are from an Armed Forces Radio show called "The In-Sound" that aired in 1968.

Here's a run-down of what each track is:

Opening live introduction by The Monkees
Comments about their music career (From the show, "Rock Around The World")
Last Train to Clarksville (live)
I Wanna Be Free (live)
I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight? (live)
Comments (From Armed Forces Radio show, "The In-Sound" Part One)
I'm A Believer (live)

Comments (From Armed Forces Radio show, "The In-Sound" Part Two)
I Remember The Feeling
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Previously Unreleased)
White Christmas (Previously Unreleased)
A DJ reporting live during the opening of a 60's Monkees show
Mike Nesmith on his audition
Really Dolenz, Jones Boyce & Hart
Mike Nesmith on power struggle with Kirshner
Really Dolenz, Jones Boyce & Hart
Mike Nesmith on Jimi Hendrix as opening act for The Monkees
Really Dolenz, Jones Boyce & Hart
A local DJ in Tx. picks "I'm A Believer" as a rising hit
This may be The Monkees for real
Interview: Mike Nesmith on fashions
Some kid in NC picks "The Monkees new one" as a rising hit
Really Dolenz, Jones Boyce & Hart
Interview: Davy says they did and didn't play their own instruments
Common studio cut

Flip side of "Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of The Year"

Dartman said...
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