Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best Of The World of Wonder: Don't Call Me Shirley!

The great Peter Graves passed away yesterday. He was known the world over as the star of Mission Impossible but to my generation he was best known as Clarence Ouver, the pilot at the helm of Airplane!. As a tribute, I am reposting the story record of that great film. Rest In Peace, Mr. Graves.

I present to you now, one of my all time favorite records! This is the soundtrack from the hit film, "Airplane!". Although it states that it is the soundtrack, it is not all music. Instead it is the actual soundtrack from the film. All of the dialogue and sound effects and music as if you were listening to the movie on a record! Basically that is what you're doing! In the tradition of The Story of Star Wars, The Raiders of The Lost Ark Movie on Record and The Saga of Battlestar Galactica, I present to you "Airplane!" for your enjoyment! One last little note, as with the Hollywood Squares album I posted not too long ago, I would play various tracks from this in between songs on my college radio show! Enjoy!

Airplane! The Album


Zillagord said...

First "Plan 9", now this one: Two of my faves within a couple of weeks!
I love these audio movies. As I mentioned before, get your paws on a copy of the "Orgy of the Dead" ST as well, one of the funniest things you'll hear. If you like Criswell, of course. And I thnk you do...
Hope all is well. Peace.

THXjay said...

Hey Dartman,

I'll add this to my "Dialogue" collection, I have all the others you've posted on vinyl :)

Always loved these ever since I was a kid.


Jewelz said...

Great blog! I love anything from the "eras" be it 40's-80's. After that, I would rather go backwards in time...

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