Saturday, March 13, 2010

Singles Collection Episode 59: Toni Basil Leads The Cheer

Seeing as how my buddy, Micky Dolenz, celebrated a birthday this past Monday, I thought it only fitting that I post the classic Toni Basil single, "Mickey". If you were breathing in the 80s then you already know all there is to know about this song. It skyrocketed Toni Basil to superstardom. However, Basil has been around since the 60s. In fact, she was the choreographer and even appears performing a dance in the classic Monkees film, "HEAD". She was part of several famous street dance troupes in the seventies and in the eighties she tried her hand at singing. Her only #1 hit comes from her album, "Word Of Mouth". She continues to dance and choreograph to this day. Here is Toni Basil with her classic slice of 80s pop culture. Enjoy!

Toni Basil-MICKEY

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