Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spike Parodies RCA

When Spike Jones left RCA Victor and moved to Liberty Records, he was determined to stick it to his former label. At the time, RCA was issuing a series of records entitled, "50 Years of Music America Loves Best". The albums were extremely popular and Jones attacked it from all angles going so far as to have the cover show a painting of himself on all fours in front of a gramophone, just like RCA's Nipper. The title of Jones' album changed the name from "50 Years of Music America Loves Best" to "60 Years of Music America Hates Best". It was recorded by Spike's later orchestra, "The Band That Plays For Fun," a tamed-down version of the City Slickers. Everything gets the Jones satirical needle injected into it here, from rock & roll and teenagers ("Pimples and Braces," "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb") to novelty tunes ("Mairzy Doats," "Three Little Fishes," "Hut Hut Song") to polka bands ("Strip Polka," "Melody of Love"). An interesting album from the last days of the bandleader's career. Certainly not his best work, but by no means his worst. Here is Spike Jones with "60 Years of Music America Hates Best". Enjoy!

Spike Jones-60 Years of Music America Hates Best

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