Friday, May 18, 2007

Here's A Story, of a boy named Skywalker . . . (re-post)

Here is one of my favorite items from my Star Wars collection. "The Story of Star Wars" album featuring a stripped down version of the film in audio format. This was pre-home video so this was the only way people had to relive the experience of Star Wars at home. I have had this record since 1977 and have easily listened to it thousands of times. (I have it memorized!) Interesting fact - This album went GOLD in 1977! Here it is for you. Unfortunately rapidshare is not letting me upload large files so I had to upload it in three files - Side 1, Side 2 and the artwork (which includes both the regular and picture disc versions as well as an 8-track and the gold record!). They did this with the other two films as well. What the future may bring . . . . . Enjoy!

The Story of Star Wars Side 1
The Story of Star Wars Side 2
The Story of Star Wars Artwork


Phil said...


somethingstronger said...

thanks-ive been looking for this for awhile now.
any chance of you uploading the other two films? thanks again!

Dartman said...

The other two films are both posted here.

swarlock said...

Very nice.

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