Thursday, December 07, 2006

More items from the Wishbook!

In the 70s the coolest character on television was of course, the 6 Million Dollar Man. I had the action figure with the bionic parts that you could take out (they would never have that today - the parts were very small thus they would be a major choking hazard!) and it also had a "Bionic Eye" that you could look through from the back of Steve Austin's plastic head. But the fun did not stop there - I also had the Bionic Emergency Center. This was the coolest! It starts off as a rocket ship that holds the Steve Austin figure. Then of course you make it crash. Then, it turns into a medical table complete with wires and life support machines where you can "add" the Bionic Parts to the Bionic Man! And if that wasn't enough, I also had Mask-A-Tron, the face changing robot who was Steve Austin's arch rival. The figure came with several different faces that you could put on - Steve Austin, Oscar Goldman and Mask-A-Tron's own face. And when the fun with the action figures stopped, you could always rely on the board game from the show to keep you entertained! But if you wanted to watch the show on any other day than Sunday night, you could only watch it with the hand held movie cassette reels that featured scenes from the show! I recently won an unopened Bionic Recsue Center on E-Bay and thought that it would be cool to have again. I sold it on E-Bay when I realised that it just wasn't the same. However, I would love to have Mask-A-Tron again!

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