Sunday, December 17, 2006

"BOP!" " BAG!" " WISH!" " BOOK!"

When we were kids, I used to trick my sister into telling me what she was giving me for Christmas every year. It was really easy. Every year I would tell her that I was giving her an ironing board. I don't know why she believed me every year but she did. Anyway, the only gift that I remember that she told me about was this: a Batman Bop Bag. I loved this bag and it took quite the beating from me. I still wish I had this today. In fact, whenever I see bop bags in a store, it takes me a while to walk past without picking one up and buying it.

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PopCereal said...

Mr. Dartman,
Yep, those were the days of carefree bag boppin', let me tell you. I too had a couple of these toys in my day. I'm trying to recall which ones, but I'm pretty sure one was a Fred Flintstone.

Thanks for the memories.
Mr. Miller

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