Friday, December 15, 2006

Holy Bendables, Batman! More Wishbook stuff!

I got this great Batman Bendy as a stocking stuffer and for the longest time carried everywhere I went. It seemed to always be around right up until my Junior High years when my parents got rid of our toy chest. The weird thing that I remember about this was that there were two small holes in Batman's right arm. I still have no idea what they were or where they came from. Anyway, I know I loved this toy!

Speaking of superhero items from the wishbook, this was also a favorite of mine. The Spiderman Camera! It was a real camera that took amazing pictures. I used this camera for most of my pre-teen years and would still be using it today if technology hadn't destroyed the wonderful years of the Kodak legacy! No matter where I went people always thought it was a toy. That used to make me upset but it also made sure that people didn't realise that I was taking their picture!


risser said...

FWIW all bendies have dual holes in their limbs. No idea why. Maybe something to do with the casting process. Maybe something to do with allowing flexibility.

But they all have 'em. Like spider bites. Or vampires.


Lynda V.E. said...

I was a real tomboy growing up! (I had 2 older brothers and no sisters). I used to have the superhero bendy figures. Don't think I had Batman or even Superman.

I had the Mego 8 inch superheroes too until one day when I was about 12 or so my parents complained about how much junk I had in my bedroom and in a huff, I tossed them all out! That's a decision I have really regretted.

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