Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Step On It, Buck"

OK, I figured you could use a boost in your collecting of Buck Rogers cards so here are the next three packs! That's right. The boring one pack every other day or so has been replaced with a mighty three pack in one day post! After these packs, there are only twenty eight cards left to collect which means only three more packs. They'll be up sometime within the next week. Keep a lookout for those and for future trading cards! In the meantime, here are the next three packs of Buck Rogers Trading Card. Enjoy!

Buck Rogers Trading Cards Packs 4,5 & 6


dommromm said...

Hello! Much thanks for the BR card series but I just wanted to mention that the link no longer works for the 3 pack set. Hope that you cab fix this. Thanks.

Dartman said...

Oops! Just a small typo in the link. All fixed!

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