Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Six Million Dollar Comic

I still haven't purchased the complete Six Million Dollar Man box set yet. I know sooner or later they'll eventually sell the seasons individually for a much cheaper price at Target and I'll start getting them then. They did the same thing with Get Smart. When they first released it, you could only get the complete series and the price was astronomical. Now you can get two season packs at Target for $20.00. However, if anyone is feeling very generous and would like to buy me the box set of The Six Million Dollar Man, feel free. I won't turn it away. Anyway, one of my favorite memories as a child was the day my mom took me to the local drug store in downtown Clinton, CT. It was an awesome, old fashioned drug store complete with a counter where you could sit and have a cup of coffee or enjoy a fountain drink. They had the coolest magazine and comic book rack. My mom bought me an issue of The Six Million Dollar Man comic book that became my favorite comic book of all time. While that issue was lost some time ago, I share with you, today, the first issue of that great comic series. Here is issue 1 of The Six Million Dollar Man. Enjoy!

The Six Million Dollar Man Comic Book Issue #1

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this rare comic. As an FYI, my understanding is Time Life is not going to be releasing the 5-disc special features set at the retail level, which means the reunion movies and 90-minute Lee Majors interview won't be sold at retail. They could also do what they did with Man from UNCLE and keep everything together as a set and never release the seasons separately. Or they could do what they did with Get Smart - yes, the sold the seasons separately but if you wanted all the special features you had to buy the box.

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