Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Best of The World of Wonder: Harpo Speaks!

Here's a real treat! It's actually Harpo Marx speaking! Even though he took a vow of silence in regard to stage and screen, Harpo was known by friends and family as a very talkative fellow. Here is a 30 second recording of Harpo telling a story about his early days playing the piano in a brothel! Supposedly this recording was made by Harpo in preparation for the writing of his autobiography "Harpo Speaks" (my favorite book of all time and a must read for everyone!) Enjoy!

Harpo Tells A Story


Stickman said...

OK, how about "Harpo Plays" - have you any of the LPs that Harpo released in the early 50's? They seem to be near impossible to find.

Dartman said...

There are actually two LPs - Harpo in Hi-Fi and Harpo at Work. Both are avaliable on one disc from collector's choice. You can get it at amazon! As for other Harpo harp moments, stay tuned!

Silent 3 said...

Oh yes! Harpo Speaks is one of my fave books. I read it back in high school (long time ago, trust me)

I still remember harpo's description of the 4th of july celebration in the streets of new york city. Drunken people shouting, bonfires in the street intersections.

Somebody (harpo's grandfather?) looks out the window at the chaos and proudly says, "THIS is democracy!"

I suppose he mean that in the Old Country, if a crowd acted like that, the Czar would send in his troops and kill them all.

also in the book he tells how he would begin many speeches he gave at public gatherings... "Unaccustomed as I am to speaking..."

Anonymous said...

I have the album on my hard drive and can upload it up to my hotfile account if anyone is interested.

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