Monday, December 20, 2010

Dartman's Advent Calendar 2010: Days 19 & 20

Sorry about missing the past couple of days. Time got away from me! Anyway, we're back and ready to catch up by opening up all of the flaps that we missed at once. Here is the one marked 19. It's a classic Christmas album from my father's stack of Christmas records that he would bring upstairs year after year. It's the one and only Gomer Pyle himself, Jim Nabors! Here's Jim singing all of your yuletide favorites in his amazing operatic voice. Yes, you heard right. Jim neighbors had an operatic singing voice. A great contrast to his speaking voice. No trace of Gomer yukking it up at all! Here is The Jim Nabors Christmas Album. Enjoy!

The Jim Nabors Christmas Album

Now we get to open up door number 20! Following the grand spectacle of Jim Neighbors' Christmas album we reveal another full length Christmas LP. This time it's "A Waltons Christmas Album". My wife is a huge fan of The Waltons and I personally can't stand the show. When I spied this dandy in a little hole-in-the-wall record shop in Santa Monica, California (see last year's Christmas posts to get more from that great store!) I knew I had to get it for her to play when I wasn't around! Of course, that doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy it if you like that classic show. Here it is for you now. Enjoy!

A Walton's Christmas Album

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